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Zeiss Scopes
Zeiss scopes
Zeiss Conquest HD5 Scopes


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Zeiss Scopes
Zeiss Scopes

Zeiss Rifle Scopes

Zeiss scopes are made in Germany. The Zeiss company has been making premium sport optics such as rifle scopes for over 164 years.  From the entry level Terra 3X rifle scope line up the premium Zeiss Victory HT and the Victory V8 scopes,  Zeiss has a scope that will fit your hunting style and your budget. Read more about the different families of Zeiss rifle scopes below.

Terra 3X Scopes

Terra 3X rifle scopes, were a new addition to the Zeiss family in 2013. These scopes have a one inch tube, either a 32mm, 42mm, or 50mm objective and a magnification range of 3X. The standard reticle that is available is #20. This rifle scope family sports hunting turrets, and all models feature matte black finish and Carl Zeiss MC lens coatings. Zeiss has very competitive retail price points for the Terra 3X scope line from $389 to $555 which puts great Zeiss quality within every hunters budget range.  Learn More>>

Zeiss Terra 3X Scopes

Conquest HD5 Scopes

Conquest HD5 Scopes were another new addition to the Zeiss family in 2013. These scopes have a one inch tube and larger objective lens sizes from 42mm up to 50mm.  The large 5X magnification range along with various reticle options which include the Rapid Z family make these rifle scopes a great selection for longer range hunting applications. The Conquest HD5 scope family sports hunting turrets, matte black finish, Carl Zeiss T* multi-coatings and the Lotutec protective coating that is typically reserved for Zeiss premium scopes. Zeiss quality and the features that are important to long range hunters are now available at a very competitive retail price range of $944 to $1278. These rifle scopes are a superb value. LEARN MORE>>

Zeiss Conquest HD5 Scopes

Conquest DL Scopes

Conquest DL Scopes were introduced in 2012 and are another fine example of how Zeiss implements continuous product improvements for the customers benefit. The DL rifle scope family provides an optional illuminated reticle #60 in addition to the standard reticle #6.  Conquest DL rifle scopes include matte black finish and Carl Zeiss MC lens coatings. Illuminated reticle models include a 3V Li-Battery (CR 2032). DL scopes also include lens protection caps. Retail price range from $1,111 to $1,555.  LEARN MORE>>

Victory HT Scopes

Victory HT Scopes are Zeiss' brightest premium addition to their expanding rifle scope platforms. The Victory HT rifle scopes, with 95%+ light transmission are the brightest scopes that Zeiss has ever offered. This line of scopes have an innovative optical concept and intuitive, high precision operation creating a timelessly elegant and compact riflescope. Zeiss Victory HT rifle scopes sport 30mm main tube, objective lenses from 24mm all the way up to 56mm, matte black finish, Carl Zeiss T* multi-coatings, Lotutec protective coatings, protection caps, and illuminated models also include a 3V Li-battery (CR 2032). A large selection of reticle options and ASV bullet drop compensation configurations are also available. The Victory HT rifle scope retail prices range from $2,555 up to $2,722.  LEARN MORE>>

Zeiss Victory HT Scopes

Victory V8 Scopes

Victory V8 scopes from Zeiss 

Victory V8 Scopes

Customer Price Set

Customer Price Set

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