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Zeiss Victory PRF Range Finder
Zeiss Victory PRF Range Finder
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Zeiss Victory PRF

The Victory PRF Monocular is a pocket-sized rangefinder ideal for:
  • Observation
  • Rangefinding
  • Ballistic evaluation

PRF Specifications:

  • 1,300 yard Range
  • Bright LED display
  • 8x 26mm
  • Small and Compact - only 310 grams

PRF Features

Brilliant optics
Bright image thanks to 26mm lens diameter.
T* multi-coating for maximum light transmission.
Full field of view for eyeglass wearers thanks to special eyepieces.
Mechanical design and appearance
Robust, waterproof housing with rubber armoring.
Easy-to-grip, ergonomically designed shape.
Ideal for precise measurements at long distances due to optimization for dual hand holding.
Large rotary eyecup with four clickstops for customized fitting.
Clearly arranged and easy operation via two buttons.
Self-illuminating LED display with automatic brightness adjustment.
Rangefinding, either in meters or yards.
BIS™ ballistic information system with display of the required correction of the point of impact.
Selection of the bullet flight path and the zeroing range for the BIS™ via the SET button.
Scan Mode for fast repeating measurements of small of moving targets.
One-touch principle
Fast and precise measurement.
Press the Messure button: indicator appears.
Release the Messure button: the measurement is performed and the result displayed.

See, measure, aim – this formula for successful shooting also applies to the smallest member of the Rangefinder family, the Victory Pocket Rangefinder. As a monocular rangefinder it is very lightweight and compact and fits easily in your pocket. Its laser rangefinding technology and its integrated ballistic information system BIS® make it a valuable addition to your equipment. Find out what it means to know the exact holdover point at long distances instead of depending on vague guesswork. The BIS® gives you the knowledge and self-confidence for long-range shooting.
This system has become an indispensable companion, whether for hunting abroad or at home. Not only knowledge of the exact distance to game is a decisive factor, but also the resulting holdover (requiring the hunter to aim x centimeters above or below the target) is of major importance.

With the Victory 8 x 26 T* PRF, Carl Zeiss implemented the world’s first digital laser rangefinder with LED display and integrated BISTM ballistic calculator.
The high-performance optics with a two-element Achromat in the 26 mm lens and Carl Zeiss T* coating provides a very bright image: its 8x magnification also makes the Victory 8x26 T* PRF ideal for long distance observation, and the 26 mm lens diameter provides reserves for poor light conditions. The 110 m field of view, measured at a distance of 1000 m, provides users with a full overview in any situation.
The ergonomic design and ease of use of the Victrory PRF also leave nothing to be desired. A slight press of the measuring button displays the range and the required correction value for the point of impact in the field of view.

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