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Zeiss Victory Diarange Riflescopes


RCS provided a great product at the lowest price with the best service--no reason to look elsewhere for optics. Thank you!
Dan K
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Zeiss Victory Diarange Laser Riflescopes

Zeiss Diarange Riflescopes

When you combine the power and high-performance optics of the Zeiss Victory line with a supremely accurate laser rangefinder and an illuminated RAPID-Z® ballistic reticle, what you have is a riflescope of unparalleled speed and precision. Equipped with a sophisticated reticle illumination system and LED display, Victory Diarange riflescopes turn aiming, ranging, and shooting into one fast, seamless process. For the serious hunter whose style demands precise shots from great distances, Victory Diarange riflescopes deliver superior optical performance, even in twilight. All Diarange riflescopes include 3V Li-battery, neoprene cover and rail mount.

                              Zeiss Diarange 2.5-10x50 Riflescope
                              Zeiss Diarange 3.0-12x56 Riflescope

The Zeiss Diarange riflescope is the ultimate companion for the serious long range hunter.

Zeiss Victory Diarange riflescopes

Zeiss Victory Diarange riflescopes

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Customer Price Set

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