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Leupold RX-1200i TBR with DNA Laser RF Black/Gray
Leupold RX-1200i TBR with DNA Laser RF Black/Gray
Leupold RX-1200i with caseFront View of Leopold RX-1200i
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Leupold RX-1200i TBR with DNA Laser RF Black/Gray

  • DNA Engine
  • True Ballistic Range (TBR) capability for archers
  • Max Range 1,200 yds.
  • Black/Gray

The RX-1200i Laser Rangefinder from Leupold integrates a Class I IR eye-safe laser into a fully multicoated roof prism monocular to make an accurate and versatile optical system. Leupold's True Ballistic Range (TBR) and Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) systems provide precise ranges and shot-correction recommendations. The TBR system utilizes the rangefinder and inclinometer to calculate range and angle, then uses information about the firearm and projectile being used, and recommends shot corrections. The corrections can be set to be displayed in MOA, MRADS, inches/millimeters, or the equivalent horizontal distance to the target. This system works for a range of arms from rifles to bows. The DNA algorithm provides fast ranging with an accuracy to 1/10 of a yard. Using the TBR and DNA helps eliminate shooting errors and the need to make correction calculations yourself. A non-corrective line of sight mode is also available for straight distances without adjustments being made for incline, firearm, or load.

The display utilizes an Organic LED (OLED) that provides clear and bright images. The OLED reflects the display information into the optical path. Projecting the information eliminates LCD display films often used in rangefinders that can interfere with light transmission, which reduces image brightness. When using the RX-1200i as a traditional monocular, the OLED will not affect the views when not in use, unlike traditional display films.

The quick set menu makes the rangefinding, operation modes, and display options quick and easy to use in the field. Three different reticle patterns make acquiring and tracking targets easy and precision ranging simple. Low, Medium, and High display intensities enable it to be tailored to the lighting conditions. Single, continuous-scan, and last-target modes offer multiple ranging techniques depending on the situation. The battery will last through at least 4,000 measurements, and the battery-indicator on the OLED display constantly updates the power status. To conserve power, the unit will automatically turn off after 7 seconds.

Product Features:

- Fully multicoated optics
- Eye-safe Class I IR
- Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) algorithm for 1/10 of a yard ranging accuracy
- True Ballistic Range (TBR) calculates and suggests shot correction based on range, angle of shot, and load
- TBR shows adjustment suggestion in MOA, MRAD, inches/millimeter, or equivalent horizontal distance to target
- Integrated inclinometer measures upward/downward angles
- Organic LED display projects information into optical path with less optical obstructions for brighter images
- Selectable reticle options: plus point, duplex, and duplex with plus point
- Low, Medium, and High display intensity levels
- Automatic off after 7 seconds
- Distances displayed in either yards or meters
- Scan mode enables target tracking with constantly updated range
- Last Target Mode: Displays the distance to the farthest object when more than one target is in the field of view
- Battery status indicator shows on OLED display
- Clicking fast-focus dial
- Anodized matte black finish
- Machined aluminum frame and body
- Shock resistant rubberized armor protective coating
- IPX3 weather resistance
- Fold-down eyecups

Product Specifications:

- Prism Type: Roof
- Magnification: 6x
- Objective Lens Diameter: 22mm
- Field of View: 320' at 1000 Yards
- Laser Type: Class I eye-safe IR
- Wavelength: 895mm - 915nm
- Peak power: 5.14 mW
- Beam divergence: 1.31 MRAD
- Pulse duration: 20 ns
- Metering Range/Accuracy Minimum: 5 Yards and Maximum 1215 Yards Accurate to within 1/10 Yards
- Exit Pupil Diameter: 3.6mm
- Eye Relief: 17mm
- Weatherproofing: IPX3
- Battery / Runtime: 1 x CR2 Lithium Battery, 3V / Approximately 4,000 Actuations
- Dimensions: 3.8" x 2.8" x 1.3"
- Weight: 7.8 oz
- Finish: Black
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