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"We have not inherited the land from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children."
-Kashmiri Proverb
Conservation is in everyones best interest
Whether your interest is in hunting, birding, nature observation, astronomy, or simply stadium sports; conservation is critical to your future. Conservation is really in every outdoor enthusiasts best interest, and rightly so every outdoor enthusiast should be a strong proponent of conservation. Protecting the only earth that we have is critical for not only habitat, not only endangered species, not only the biodiversity of the environment; but also for our own future enjoyment of the resources that our planet offers to us and our children and our childrens children to enjoy. As human beings each of us has a moral obligation to protect the environment as well as the ethical use, protection, and management of the environment and natural resources.

There are several challenges that we need to accept and hold true to.
  • Our personal actions in the wild. Simply put, leaving only footsteps in our path.
  • Holding to our commitments and advocating the protection of the environment.
  • Proactively communicating that importance to our state and federal legislators.

Whether it is a local watershed project such as the 40,000 acre Coldwater/Pine Creek water quality project in Iowa or the Chesapeake Bay watershed project which is about 1,024 times larger at 64,000 square miles. Larger still is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge at 19.3 million acres in NE Alaska. These examples sustain globally unique ecosystems that maintian a wide diveristy of life. As important a these examples are, their remoteness from many Americans may reduce their needed attention and  concern. We must not allow ourselves to be lulled into complacincy in their importance.  RCS Optics also encourages everyone to get involved locally. River clean up programs, planting trees and bushes, and support for organizations to further conservation efforts are but a few examples. Your efforts, no matter the scale, will benefit your childrens children in the years to come!

Want to Do More? Take a Stand!

Buy Federal Duck Stamps.  Many people do not realize that wetlands help to maintain ground water supplies, store flood waters, protect shorelines from erosion, act as a filtration system for pollutants, and modify climatic changes. Approximately 98 cents of every duck stamp dollar goes directly into the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund to purchase wetlands and wildlife habitat for inclusion into the National Wildlife Refuge System- a fact that ensures this land will be protected and available for all generations to come. 

Buy Federal Duck Stamps every year. The purchase of a Federal Duck Stamp provides an opportunity for every United States citizen to take a stand in the preservation of our natural heritage.

You can purchase Federal Duck Stamps at any US Post Office or alternately from

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