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RCS Optics™ Blog- an open forum
  1. Sig Sauer Product Line Added

    Check out quality Sig Sauer Binoculars and Sig Sauer hunting scopes at RCS Optics today.

  2. Leupold scopes for sale

    Check out the wide selection of Leupold rifle scopes on sale at RCS Optics. We carry many options from the Rifleman to the Mark 8. Choose your scope today. Leupold scopes are made in Oregon. American Quality for American Hunters. Learn more here>> Leupold Scopes for Sale
  3. Zeiss Field Days

    Zeiss conquest HD binoculars
              Get rebates of $50 to $150 on select quality Zeiss products. Field Days promotion is valid through November 17th, 2015.
    • Conquest HD binoculars
    • Terra 3X rifle scopes (plex reticle)
    • Victory HT rifle scopes (plex reticle)

    $150 REBATE
    • Conquest HD5 rifle scopes

  4. Burris Eliminator III Laser Scope Rebate 

    Get $100 rebate on Burris Eliminator III laser scopes for a limited time. The Eliminator III will increase your confidence and insure that you have the information you need to make ethical shots at long range with built in rangefinder and the Burris illuminated X96 reticle that indicates the correct holdover PLUS wind compensation indicators that will put you on target.

    Burris Rebate in effect until 12/31/15
    For a limited time use coupon code e3now to save even more from RCS Optics!

    Choose between the following models:

    Burris Eliminator III 3-12 x 44mm laser scope
    Burris Eliminator III 4-16 x 50mm laser scope

  5. Zeiss Field Days Promotion at RCS Optics

    Zeiss Field Days Promotion is back in full swing. This year get up to $150 cash rebate on select Zeiss products such as the Victory HT binoculars. In fact RCS Optics will sweeten the deal on Victory HT binoculars by providing additional $50 off the discounted price. Use coupon code ht2015 at checkout. What a deal!  

    Other promotions include $50 rebate on Zeiss Terra ED binoculars and $50 cash rebate on Rapid Z rifle scopes such as Terra 3x, Conquest HD5, and select Victory Scopes!

    Promotion ends August 31st.
  6. Hope you enjoyed participating in the Back Yard Bird Count on February 13-16. You can still enter your sighting data until February 28th. It's fast approaching! Check it out here:
  7. Birding Festivals

    If you happen to be near Chico, CA be sure to take in the Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway near the Central Valley!
  8. Birding Festivals

    As the holidays are now behind us, it is time to start thinking of some birding festivals that you may be interested in attending. One coming up very shortly is the 

    Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival.

    Located near Titusville,  Florida, this six day festival offers a myrid of excitement. Field trips, boat and kayak trips are available; as are many programs. The dates of the festival are January 21 through January 26, 2015

    Brevard County Florida would be a great place to not only go to a warmer climate but also have the opportunity to see many threatened and endangered wildlife. If you cannot make this birding festival, be sure to check out the Birding Festival Calendar at RCS Optics for a full calendar of upcoming birding festivals this year.

  9. Zeiss Conquest Scope Clearance

    Check out the great deals on Zeiss Conquest Riflescopes. There is a limited supply remaining. All scopes are equipped with RapidZ reticles.
    To learn more click on

    Zeiss Conquest clearance

  10. Birding Binoculars

    Zeiss has introduced a new binocular model designed exclusively for birding and nature viewing. The Zeiss Victory SF binoculars will truly change your expectations of the view. Zeiss certainly raised the bar again.

    To learn more check out

    Zeiss Victory SF Binoculars

  11. Burris recently announced rebates on select Eliminator and Fulfield rifle scopes. Save $50 -  $200. Check out deatails at RCS Optics Rebates
  12. Zeiss Spring Promotion

    Zeiss has announced a spring promotion on quality big game optics. Rebates from $50 up to $125 on select Zeiss products

    Zeiss Riflescopes

    Zeiss has announced rebates on their entry level riflescopes such as the Terra 3X and the well received Zeiss Conquest Duralyt riflescopes. Get $50 rebate on the Terra 3X and $100 rebate on the Conquest Duralyt riflescopes.

    Zeiss Binoculars

    Zeiss has announced rebates on three top selling binoculars. Get $50 rebate on Zeiss Terra ED binoculars. Get $75 rebate on Zeiss Conquest HD binoculars and get $125 rebate on Zeiss Victory HT binoculars.

    RCS Optics offers a full line of Zeiss riflescopes and binoculars. Check us out at RCS Optics today.

  13. Kruger Optical Backcountry Binoculars

    Kruger Optical Backcountry binoculars have a great close focus specification- Under 5 ft.
    Learn more >>>    Kruger Binoculars
  14. Zeiss Victory RF Binoculars

    Zeiss' award winning rangefinding binoculars, the Victory RF Binoculars, are a must for the avid hunter or outdoorsman. Available in either a 45mm or 56mm objective and 8 or 10 powers, the Victory RF is a rugged and durable tool for use in the field.  The laser rangefinder can range and display the distance to the target and also can provide the exact holdover for your preferred hunting cartridge. Superb optics that Zeiss is known for provides a clear wide field of view. Get yours today. 

    Zeiss Victory RF Binoculars

  15. Burris Scopes

    Burris is coming out with several new rifle scopes for 2014. Burris XTR II, their extreme tactical rifle scope line is new this year. Also watch for Predator Quest rifle scopes, some additions to the MTAC scope line and the new Veracity rifle scope line.    As always check out Burris Scopes

  16. Burris Eliminator Rifle Scopes

    Burris manufactures several families of rifle scopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes in Colorado. The Burris rifle scope families include Eliminator, XTR II, Fullfield E1, Timberline, Predator Quest, Varacity, Fullfield II, and Droptine. Burris also makes AR Tactical scopes and sights. The focus of this post is on Burris Eliminator Rifle scopes. The Eliminator is a laser rangefinding riflescope that provides all the information a hunter needs to make accurate, ethical shots at extended distances. In addition to displaying the distance to the target, the scope will also illuminate the proper holdover aiming point in the reticle for the precise distance to the target. Additionally, the Eliminator III has windage marks in the reticle which will assist the shooter to properly compensate for crosswinds. A transparent feature of the Eliminator is an inclinometer which will compensate for shots taken up or down a hillside. Learn more at Burris Eliminator Rifle scopes.

  17. Bushnell Scopes New Year Deal

    Get $20.00 of the discounted prices on any Bushnell Scope tomorrow only!

    RCS Optics... Where VALUE is always in seasontm

    Bushnell Scopes

  18. Best Binoculars

    Field and Stream has selected Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars as the best binocular of 2013.  
    Great offer through December 31st. Great Pricing from RCS Optics PLUS a $20 rebate from Zeiss.

    Learn More by clicking 

  19. Rifle Scopes at RCS Optics

    Customers can choose from rifle scopes manufacturers such as Burris, Bushnell, Leupold, Trijicon, Zeiss and others. RCS Optics makes it easy to select your scope based upon brand or budget. Check out today.


  20. RCS Optics...
    Where VALUE is Always in SeasonTM

    Check out our facebook page too!
  21. Zeiss has a rebate offer valid until the end of the year on Zeiss Terra ED binoculars. Field and Stream cited the Terra as the best binocular for 2013. Get yours today at Great prices at RCS Optics. Special offer for RCS Optics Facebook fans Rebate from Zeiss Buy today!
  22. Zeiss Terra ED 10x42 binoculars were awarded Field and Stream Editors Choice as best binocular for 2013. Get yours today at RCS Optics.
  23. To a Great Man……RIP
  24. Happy Holidays from RCS Optics, where VALUE is always in season. Check out great gift ideas for the outdoorsmen in your family!
  25. Cyber Monday specials today only!
  26. RCS Optics is offering deeper discounts on Zeiss Conquest Riflescopes. Save cash today plus get a rebate from Zeiss when select models are purchased before the end of the year that have the RapidZ reticle. Learn more at Zeiss conquest riflescopes
  27. Bushnell rebate offers are ending soon. Act now to receive up to $75 off select Bushnell riflescopes, rangefinders, and spotting scopes. Check out our selection by clicking on Bushnell scopes.
  28. Bushnell is extending rebates of up to $75 on the purchase of select Bushnell rifle scopes or spotting scopes. The rebate is offered through the end of October. To learn more click on Bushnell scopes
  29. Redfield Riflescopes such as the Revolution and Revenge models are available at RCS Optics. Redfield is a division of Leupold & Stevens. Redfield scopes are American made and very affordable. Check them out today!
  30. Zeiss Victory HT riflescopes are the worlds brightest riflescopes.
  31. Save up to $500 on select Ziess optics purchases!
  32. Check out the full line of rangefinders at RCS Optics. Bushnell, Leupold, Redfield, Simmons, and Zeiss.Always deep discounts everyday at RCS Optics!!
  33. Bushnell has a $50 rebate on all Laser Scout Rangefinders. Add the RCS Opticstm discount and save big!
  34. Get a $100 rebate from Burris Optics when you purchase a Burris Eliminator scope from RCS Optics. Limited Time Offer.
  36. Save $39.00 today during RCS Optics Fathers Day Sale! Save Big on Fujinon binoculars or any Zeiss products!
  37. Burris has slashed prices on four of its most popular Fullfield II riflescopes. Prices have not been this low in over 20 years.! Take advantage of this today! Consumers can save from $20 to $90 on select riflescopes. The riflescopes that are on sale include the following sizes: 3-9x40, 3-9x50, 4.5-14x42, 6.5-20x50. Sale runs from July 1 through December 31, 2010. Get yours today!!
  38. Limited time offer! Get a $30 rebate on all Nikon BDC riflescopes from August 19 through October 10, 2010.
  39. Zeiss Field Days are back and for 2010 Zeiss has extended super deals on Victory FL binoculars, Conquest and Victory riflescopes with the Rapid-Z varmint reticle, the Victory PRF range finder, and Zeiss compact binoculars. Check out the offers today!
  40. Zeiss Field Days are back. This year Zeiss has gone all out by offering the following promotions:

    1. Reducing the cost of the Victory FL binoculars as well as the Conquest 8x40 and 10x40 binoculars.
    2. $150 Consumer rebate on Victory and Conquest riflescopes with the Rapid-Z Varmint reticle.
    3. $100 consumer rebate on Victory Compact Binoculars and the award winning Victory PRF 


    Take advantage of these great prices today at RCS Optics™

  41. The Burris Eliminator Laserscope is literally awesome. It has a range of 550 yards on a nonreflective object such as a deer or elk. The reticle is what makes this unit shine. after displaying the distance an illuminated red dot is displayed in the reticle that represents the bullet drop compensation. It wont break the bank at about $850. I hope Burris has a patent on this because it will get copied.
  42. Purchase a new Zeiss Victory FL binoculars between now and May 31st, 2010 and receive a $150 gift card. Learn more... 
  43. Zeiss has reduced the price of the 3-9x40 conquest riflescope with the Z-plex reticle (#20) down to $399.00. This is a significant price reduction for a high quality riflescope. Get yours at RCS Optics today.  Other deals at RCS Optics includes the Zeiss single power 4x32 riflescope for only $299.  Only while supplies last.  What a deal!

RCS Optics Satisfaction Guarantee

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