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Binoculars- Birding


I purchased a Zeiss Victory SF 10x42mm binoculars. I am also quite pleased with the service that RCS Optics provided.

Bend, OR


RCS provided a great product at the lowest price with the best service--no reason to look elsewhere for optics. Thank you!
Dan K

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Thinking about a new pair of binoculars? 

Click Here for things you should know before you buy.

Binoculars for Birding Enthusiasts

Best Binoculars for Birding

We simplify the selection process for you
by presenting only binoculars 
that are ideal for birding and nature observation. 

This gives you the confidence that you can select any pair that fits your budget and they will serve you well.

Ideal binoculars selection for birding includes the following features:

  • Provides bright, vivid views
  • 7-10 power with a wide angle view
  • A close focus specification (preferrably under 10 feet)
  • Lightweight and quick focusing capability

The most popular objective size for birding is typically in the 32mm to 42mm size. If you desire a larger objective(48- 56mm), then consider a binocular harness. A harness keeps your binoculars close to your chest without causing strains to the neck and shoulder muscles that can occur with a simple neck strap, particularly during a full day of birding or when participating at a birding festival.

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Bushnell Binoculars | Birder Combo 8x40mmBushnell Binoculars | Birder Combo 8x40mm

Bushnell Birder Combo

  • 8x40mm
  • Porro Prism
  • Bk7 Prism
  • Close Focus 14 ft
  • Rubber eye cups
  • Field Log Book
Sightron Binoculars | SI Series Binoculars 8x32mmSightron Binoculars | SI Series Binoculars 8x32mm

Sightron SI Series Binocular 

  • Roof Prism
  • Close Focus 3.5 Ft
  • Waterproof
Bushnell Binoculars | Trophy XLT Binoculars 8x32mm GreenBushnell Binoculars | Trophy XLT Binoculars 8x32mm Green

Trophy XLT Binoculars 

  • 8x32mm
  • 9.8 ft Close Focus
  • Roof Prism
  • Green 
Bushnell Binoculars | Trophy XLT Binoculars 8x42mmBushnell Binoculars | Trophy XLT Binoculars 8x42mm

Trophy XLT Binoculars 

  • 8x42mm
  • 7.5 ft Close Focus
  • Roof Prism
  • Green
Bushnell Binoculars | Trophy Xtreme Binoculars 10x50mmBushnell Binoculars | Trophy Xtreme Binoculars 10x50mm

Trophy Xtreme Binoculars

  • 10x50mm
  • Bak-4 Roof Prism
  • Twist-up eyecups
  • Close Focus: 10 ft
Bushnell Binoculars | Trophy XLT Binoculars 10x42mmBushnell Binoculars | Trophy XLT Binoculars 10x42mm

Trophy XLT Binoculars 

  • 10x42mm
  • 8.2 ft Close Focus
  • Roof Prism
  • Black 
Bushnell  Binoculars | Trophy Xtreme Binoculars 8x56mmBushnell Binoculars | Trophy Xtreme Binoculars 8x56mm

Trophy Xtreme Binoculars

  • 8x56mm
  • Bak-4 Roof Prism
  • Twist-up eyecups
  • Close Focus: 10 ft
Bushnell Excursion EX 8x42mm binocularsBushnell Excursion EX 8x42mm binoculars

Excursion EX Binoculars 

Bushnell Legend 10x42 ED + UWB Coating, BlackBushnell Legend 10x42 ED + UWB Coating, Black

Legend Binoculars

  • 10x42mm
  • ED Glass
  • BaK4 Prisms
  • Close focus 6.5 ft.

Zeiss Binoculars | Terra ED BinocularsZeiss Binoculars | Terra ED Binoculars

Terra ED Binoculars  

  • 8x or 10x mag
  • 32mm or 42mm Obj Lens
  • Wide Field of View
  • Water resistant
  • Close focus: 6 ft
ATN BinoX-HD 4x Smart HD Optics D/N Bino,GPSATN BinoX-HD 4x Smart HD Optics D/N Bino,GPS

ATN BinoX-HD Binoculars 

  • 4-16x
  • Day/Night Vision
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • 1080p Video
  • Record your adventure!
Bushnell Binoculars | Elite Binoculars 8x42mmBushnell Binoculars | Elite Binoculars 8x42mm

Elite Binoculars 

  • 8x42mm
  • Roof Prism
  • >95% Light Transmission
  • Close Focus: 8 Ft
Bushnell Binoculars | Elite Binoculars 10x42mmBushnell Binoculars | Elite Binoculars 10x42mm

Elite Binoculars 

  • 10x42mm
  • ED Glass
  • Bak-4 Roof Prism
  • Close focus: 8 ft
Zeiss Binoculars | Conquest HD BinocularsZeiss Binoculars | Conquest HD Binoculars

Conquest HD Binoculars 

  • Super selection and value
  • 32 to 42mm has close focus of 4.9 to 6.5 feet
  • 56mm provides brighter views
  • Wide angle view in all models
  • Roof Prisms

Zeiss Victory FL 8x32 BinocularsZeiss Victory FL 8x32 Binoculars

Zeiss Victory FL Binoculars

Zeiss Victory FL 10x32 BinocularsZeiss Victory FL 10x32 Binoculars

Zeiss Victory FL Binoculars

Zeiss Binoculars | Victory HT BinocularsZeiss Binoculars | Victory HT Binoculars

Victory HT Binoculars 

  • 8x or 10x magnification, 42 or 54mm objective
  • All models are great for Hunting
  • 42mm objective is better for Birding
  • Close focus 6.2 feet
  • 95% + light transmission
  • Roof prism

Zeiss Binoculars | Victory SF BinocularsZeiss Binoculars | Victory SF Binoculars

Victory SF Binoculars

  • 8x or 10x, 42mm
  • Close Focus 5 feet
  • Zeiss designed specifically for birding and nature observation
  • Exceptional wide angle view
  • Light weight
Zeiss Binoculars | 20x60 T* S Image Stabilization BinocularsZeiss Binoculars | 20x60 T* S Image Stabilization Binoculars

20x60 T* S Binoculars

  • Image Stabilization
  • 20x60mm
  • High Performance Optics

Customer Price Set

Customer Price Set

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