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About Us
Based in South Dakota, 
RCS Optics is excited to share our full collection of sports optics and outdoor gear with you. We know you enjoy the great outdoors just like we do. RCS Optics has the gear you need to make your next adventure memorable.  Choose from a large selection of quality binoculars, rangefinders, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and more. Selection, service, discounts, and free shipping is just the beginning.

Please review our mission and ethics statements below.


RCS Optics™ is committed to offering products and services that are dependable, only of high quality and durability that will provide the right fit for each customer, balancing available features, product quality and budget. Additionally, RCS Optics™ seeks to provide exceptional customer service as well as competitive pricing structures which ultimately returns true value and satisfaction for each and every customer.   Finally, RCS Optics™ also seeks to provide additional value added services through special programs for our customers. Referrals and repeat business are the measuring tools through which we gauge our performance.


RCS Optics™, like other fine companies, is committed to doing what is right and deterring wrongdoing.  RCS Optics™ belives that integrity and a high standard of ethics are essential to promoting this policy. RCS Optics™ pledges to abide by the Better Business Bureau's standards for ethical online business practices; In dealings with our customers, suppliers and fellow employees, these principles dictate that we:

  • conduct ourselves in a forthright and honest manner
  • are fair and considerate in all dealings
  • maintain professional behavior in all relationships
  • make only commitments we believe we can keep - and keep them
  • respect the rights and dignity of all individuals
  • obey the law


We are a small business and all of our sales are tax free unless you happen to be one of our fellow neighbors here in the great state of South Dakota where our state sales tax rate is 4.5 percent (plus any applicable municipal tax), the air is clean, and there really are some  ..."Great Places to See".

Photo credits Zeiss Optics, USGFP, RCS Optics, as well as customer submitted.

RCS Optics Satisfaction Guarantee

RCS Optics, Sporting Goods Retail, Tabor, SD

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